ICD-9-CM 995.53 Child sexual abuse

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    Pediatric only
    2013 Medicare Code Edits

    Clarifying Terms

    from 995.5
    Use additional code(s), if applicable, to identify any associated injuries
    Use additional E code to identify:
    nature of abuse (E960-E968)
    perpetrator (E967.0-E967.9)
    2015 ICD-9-CM


    from 995
    Complications of surgical and medical care (996.0-999.9)
    2015 ICD-9-CM


    from 800-999
    Use E code(s) to identify the cause and intent of the injury or poisoning (E800-E999)
    1. The principle of multiple coding of injuries should be followed wherever possible. Combination categories for multiple injuries are provided for use when there is insufficient detail as to the nature of the individual conditions, or for primary tabulation purposes when it is more convenient to record a single code; otherwise, the component injuries should be coded separately.
    Where multiple sites of injury are specified in the titles, the word "with" indicates involvement of both sites, and the word "and" indicates involvement of either or both sites. The word "finger" includes thumb.
    2. Categories for "late effect" of injuries are to be found at 905-909.
    2015 ICD-9-CM
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